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Thursday, December 20, 2007

The introduction of oral drugs

When treating diseases of internal organs should appoint oral medications that are well Testing mucous membrane or stomach ulcers. When treating digestive high concentration of the drug should be established in the stool. In this case, by contrast, are using drugs that are not gradually. This gives a good local spin-off effect in the absence of systemic reactions. With the heavy flow of certain diseases, it is desirable that the concentration of the drug was high as employers, such as clearance ulcers, and in the blood( and dentist schools that can give me lumineers).

The disadvantages of the use of oral medicines with the need for systemic effects are:
relatively slow development of therapeutic actions;
great individual development in the speed and completeness of aspiration;
influence of food, the state of cholesterol and other medicines for suction;
the impossibility of use of medicinal substances absorbiruyuschihsya badly eroded or mucous membrane in the stomach and intestinal clearance, in their passage through the liver, or providing a strong irritant effects;
the inability to administer medicines through the mouth with vomiting and unconscious patient.
Inside medicinal substances entering in the form of solutions, powders, tablets, capsules, pills. To prevent irritation of certain medicinal substances to mucosal sheathing soluble in alkaline environment bowel. There dosage forms (tablets with a multilayer coating, etc.) to ensure the gradual release of a long acting start, thus allowing the therapeutic effect of the drug roll over.
Some tablets and capsules obtained lying sick in the position to be held in his esophagus and cause pitting. For prevention of the complications tablets and capsules should encourage Drinking large quantities of water.

Friday, June 1, 2007

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